Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you. Misty Copeland

I believe

Not long after I made my mood board I found my studio! Literally, after I saved the collage to Evernote, within the hour I found this place online and within the week I had the keys of the studio. It is an amazing space. It has big windows, wooden floor, it’s white and it’s facing […]

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Inspiration for the New Year

For these entire 2 years since I started with my new photography business, I have followed this extraordinary woman online: she’s a fantastic photographer and a talented educator. Her name is Sue Bryce and she really created a portrait revolution across the globe. She is very motivational but also so very skilled. I really enjoy […]

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Paul Butterfield is a photographer from Seattle I met while he was visiting Amsterdam, in 2009. Him and his wife Melody Biringer are owners of the CRAVE Company, empowering women in business. Following them and their passion for Amsterdam, little by little I got to experience their lush lifestyle and get to crave it. There was […]

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“What we vividly imagine, most ardently desire, enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass” ~ Collin P. Sisson

Resolutions 2017

 Here are some of my intentions for 2017 for myself and my photography. Put more meaning and emotion into my photographs. Take less photographs to achieve the right one. Make photographs more like paintings. Move to new studio. Remember the purpose of my photographs every day. Define my style as a photographer. Set new professional […]

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Why not

I have been photographic women for over half a decade. I can now say that I have heard every excuse you can imagine for women not to step in front of the camera. I’m not good enough I don’t look good on camera I need to lose weight before you take photos of me I […]

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Beauty trends 2016

In my photography practice, I work with a handful of talented artists to help you achieve that look we desire for your photo-shoot. I have asked them to give us their expertise on the new beauty trends this year – they are very passionate about what they’re doing and they were happy to help us out. I […]

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