First step to Love

Since this is the month of LOVE, I would like to kick start it with a portrait reveal of someone who took their first step to love.
Self Love.

I believe it is impossible to love someone else or to care for someone else until you really love who YOU are –

EVERY aspect.

Of course this is not easy. Maybe it’s not achievable in one day, one week or ONE month. Maybe you need a year for this or even twenty. This is your journey of self discovery, self acceptance and self love.

Take this journey.

It starts here.

She is creative writer for the movie industry and also art history and civilisation, as well as a conference interpreter. She’s truly a free spirit and as been living all over the world. I have asked her to describe our experience together and she surprised me with this:


“A rewarding moment was that day of the shooting, when she woke up and saw her again in the mirror:


The person she got to see every morning in that same mirror became now her best friend.
For so many years she’s been talking to her: She didn’t hear her.
She didn’t talk with her: She was lost in words.
Those words were him, her love, who carried himself to become themselves.
Her best friend was created by fate.
Fate created the woman she became.
The person in the mirror is her words, the echo of her best friend’s name.
Twenty years were all she needed to come to this photo session with her best friend.
Perhaps it is a short period of time, or not, but that is all she was.
The woman in the mirror and the images, revealed herself to her.
And now all she sees, are words revealed as herself in a visible impression as poetry:



She got dressed with a colourful palette of desires and thoughts;
travelled by plane, boat, and her eyes together with his.
She got naked under Amsterdam’s skies thinking of their eyes.
They travelled, they lived, they kissed, they loved.
Today she lives like a river in his forest, she is water in his soul.
She travels in his body to find herself eternal in his ocean in images that captured her best friend,
the one he loves.”





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