What is a Folio Box

While it is a common term within the photographic industry, I feel many of my clients do not know what a Folio Box is.

A folio, comes from the times that photographers had to present their work to potential clients in a portfolio. An artist’s portfolio is an edited collection of their best artwork intended to showcase an artist’s style or method of work, showing different samples of current work. Historically, Portfolios were printed out and placed into a book.


After our photoshoot together, we have created some of the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself. You can decide how you would like to display them, for example, you can decorate your house/office with your beautiful framed portraits.
Cristina Stoian Portrait Photographer-2


As a more private option, the handmade Folio Box, Eclipse from Seamless. It is a beautiful keepsake, designed with luxury in mind, a black, hand-made presentation box that is finished with a beautifully textured material and a silky-smooth black ribbon.

I put these together for people and they will cherish them for ever. It becomes part of their heritage.

Cristina Stoian Portrait Photographer-11
Cristina Stoian Portrait Photographer-5

I use Seamless Slide-In Mats. While they offer several size options, I prefer the 20x30cm matted to 30x40cm, it’s the European size and it is the default size I use.


Cristina Stoian Portrait Photographer-3

The prints inside the folio box are made at LabFotoKiekie. I use them because they’re high quality and they use archival paper, which is the same print as the ones museum use, it’s a print that’s going to last for 100 years. My paper preference is the Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme in Lustre.

In addition to the products we create, any image you buy will be saved in the cloud, as a high-resolution file, which will be print quality up to the size you purchased.
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Samples of all these beautiful products will be in my studio on the day of your photoshoot, so you can see them in person. If you would like to see them before booking a shoot, a free consultation in the studio will be the perfect way to answer any questions you may have.
 Cristina Stoian Portrait Photographer-14
“I want you to have portraits on your wall that remind you on a daily basis of what you are most grateful for in life. It is a tangible memory of Your love “
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A tangible memory of Your Love


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