Resolutions 2017

 Here are some of my intentions for 2017 for myself and my photography.
  1. Put more meaning and emotion into my photographs.
  2. Take less photographs to achieve the right one.
  3. Make photographs more like paintings.
  4. Move to new studio.
  5. Remember the purpose of my photographs every day.
  6. Define my style as a photographer.
  7. Set new professional goals.
  8. Create a 24 photo story once a week on my new camera.
  9. Blog twice a month.
  10. Photograph a ballerina.
  11. Shoot more flowers, flower crown, flower wall.
  12. Shoot a red dress portrait, experiment with the black sash, white sheet.
  13. Paint my own backdrop.
  14. Shoot outside the studio.
  15. Laugh more.
  16. Save money for vacations.
  17. Do more portfolio work.
  18. Create Cinemagraphs and Videos for my work.
  19. Do more physical activity.
  20. Add romanticism in my work.

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