Time to Reconnect With Your True Self

<<I get it now.>>


It only took me half a decade photographing women.


I’ve been taking photographs since I was 14, always saving money to buy and develop films while in high school. 


I thought I was attracted to it initially, because of the art of photography.


Then later I thought I have “the eye”, whatever that means, when people wanted to pay me for photos during my work for CRAVE – photographing the women entrepreneurs of Amsterdam. 


Now I know what it is I am attracted to and I know why people love being photographed by me. 


I can connect with people easily and I put them at ease; the big black ugly camera disappears after a while and it becomes a conversation. I sometimes spend 2 hours after the photo-shoot chatting away, like friends, when the camera is not even there.


I love that.


I love connecting.


I am very curious about other people’s inner space. What goes on in your inner world.


I’m eager to learn, to discover, to grow and that makes me listen


When I discovered that, everything changed for me – the dynamics of the photo-shoot, the flow, the poses and the process. 


I used to just “go” to your office or home to snap a picture.  I was not in control of light, or the styling or pose. 


Everything has changed now.


I realised what can make you nervous. And now my process can help you to … be you


Photo-shoots in the fashion world require extensive preparation and a team of 10 buzzing around the model. Sometimes it requires a pre photo-shoot to get to know the model. 


I know that would be nerve-wracking for regular people, like you and me. A big studio, with lights and lots of people buzzing around, while you’re naked or getting changed. But I still wanted those results.


I thought about doing everything opposite, while working with my clients. Who are not super models, but every-day, all ages, genuine women that I love to photograph.


So I took control of the process.

  • I start by consulting with my models before the photo-shoot, so you know what to bring (more about that in another newsletter).
  • I’ll provide inspirational photography to select from, this gives me an idea about your taste and together we design our photo-shoot mood board.
  • I hire makeup artists and hair stylists to pamper you so you’re relaxed and know you’ll look good.
  • I have created a flow for the poses and learned how to give you guidance and direction in them.
  • I learned that others have preferred a private space over a huge cold space, so what other more private and cosy environment can I offer, than my own home – My living room is transformed into your own personal glam studio for the photo-shoot. It all feels like playing! 
  • I’ve also learned that some people don’t know how to ‘work the lights’ and can get nervous in front of a big soft box. So I have simplified that too and now I’m shooting in natural light. 


It’s only me and you, in my home, in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere – Where you have the space to be yourself.


The hair, makeup and change of clothes are there to aid you in your process of being confident.


You’re going to feel good in front of the camera and this is what I strive to achieve.


I spent all of last year developing this process for you and this year was all about improving it further.


I am very happy with the results and I know I can only improve it further with the help of my models


Have a look what some of my first clients had to say about The Glamour Experience


Sarah-Jane Threipland

Sarah-Jane Threipland

Copywriter / Freelancer

Cristina is confident behind the camera, and somehow sees a side that usually stays hidden. We had a lot of fun getting my confident, slight glamour-kitten out of hiding and playing with her poses. The hair and make-up were definitely fun too!

Allison Hamilton-Rohe

Allison Hamilton-Rohe

Personal Stylist / Daily Outfit

After I went through the shoot, I felt I had learned so much about myself and fashion, I didn't even feel the need to see the photos! The experience itself had had an amazing result. But, I'm not gonna lie -- the reveal was incredible. I couldn't believe the images Cristina had created. Here is, as Oprah says, my best self -- beautiful, strong, fabulous, sexy, stylish and confident.This is who I am -- in my imagination. But there I am -- in a photograph. I am so happy I said yes to this shoot. Turns out? It was a favor to myself. Sometimes, it takes courage to step into your own power. Thanks to Cristina, all I need to do is look at this image to know I already have!

Cristina Rotariu

Cristina Rotariu

Curator / Amsterdam Fringe Festival

I’m usually a bit shy, especially in photos, so it was a surprise to me to see this sassy, fashionable person staring out of the shots Cristina took. I’d definitely recommend the experience – everyone should get the chance to shine in front of the camera, and she really works with you to make you feel comfortable.

Blanca Vergara

Blanca Vergara

Inspirational speaker and Coach / Women Work Wonders

I love the fact that it was an experience. It was not just getting amazing photos. It was a whole journey, from looking for clothes, having the make up on, the hair done.... the conversations, the coffee... This sense of journey, of transformation, of experience is terrific. It's possibly more important than the photos themselves. The photo shoot made me feel beautiful, powerful, renewed, empowered. When I saw the photos for the first time I thought: "I love myself", it was like falling in love with myself again. It changed the way I see myself. Re-connecting with my Big Self, Big Blanca, powerful, sexy, unstoppable. Amazing! "

Amelia Lopez Huix

Amelia Lopez Huix

CEO & Founder / ​​​​​​​MOH.INTERNATIONAL

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. I AM A WOMAN. And here I AM, at my 40’s, feeling more FEMALE than ever. Among many other things, my body has swum for many years, my body has given birth 4 times, and has feed all my children. Yes my body has created 4 children. My mind has not only designed systems, founded my own company, but has dreamt of my life and WHO I wanted to be, as a woman, as a wife and as a MOTHER. This picture comes as a result of an extraordinary work made by Cristina Stoian Photographer , many other pictures were taken, and I have chosen this one cause it shows me the incredible power of being female. This picture shows me WHO I always dreamt to be, THE WOMAN WHO HAS CREATED HERSELF AND HER WORLD. Cristina Stoian, the experience you have given to me has gone far beyond any expectation I had. I am profoundly touched. Your work has given me a precious gift, that of seeing me and enjoying who I am, and I have learnt something really beautiful with you, I have learnt to not forget the reason why I wake up every morning, to give the best of me to my daughters, my husband and to all mothers. Thank you, Amelia

Sunita Changoe

Sunita Changoe

Business owner / Tara Mediation / The Social Connector

Cristina met beyond my expectations, she captured my heritage and created part of my legacy. Part of the acquired collection I hold like a treasure is private and part of it has been reason to completely rebrand my personal me. Some of those pictures were actually exactly what was needed to complete my personal branding. What you see, is what you get, the glamourous powerful passionate me. Thank you Cristina and wishing you so many more women to re-activate and re-connect.

Suelle Harts

Suelle Harts

The Designer / Brasa Canela Exclusive Jewellery

A portrait is an eternal moment. A moment framed in time. It is art; - and A portrait is an eternal moment. A moment framed in time. It is art; - and the photographer - is a moment's painter. Someone who can feel the magic of the moment and catch it in a fraction of time. Cristina Stoian is an artist. A passionate photographer who has introduced me to the real beauty of a framed moment. The real art seen behind her lenses. Myself framed in time.

Olia Svarga

Olia Svarga

Student, Makeup artists / Olia Svarga Makeup Artist

During my experience with Cristina, I was a bit shy in the beginning and felt quite insecure, but she created a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere so that I could just be myself without any artificial postures and facial expressions. She admired my face, my behaviour and I totally relaxed and acted like a real model. Throughout our photo shoot I revealed my inner beauty and forgot about all the diffidence and fears about my appearance and I guess the main thing is that after our creative experiment I understood that the more you accept your appearance and remove all stereotypes imposed by society, media, especially fashion, the more harmonic you feel with your outer and inner spaces.

Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers

Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers

Technology and Innovation at IBM | UN Women / Technology and Innovation at IBM | UN Women

"Cristina stopped the time for a moment for me and made me feeling so proud of myself. By capturing my smile, my grace, and my beauty, she made a great heritage for me, my kids, their kids. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

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