Dare to be yourself

With things opening and everyone starting to mingle more and be social, it seems that not everyone is on the same page with “coming out” of the hibernation mode. Many of us became adjusted to isolation and have anxiety about showing up in the world again.  Mental health, poor nutrition, unhealthy choices and lack of self-care all play a part in this.

Give yourself time and be kind to yourself.  There’s no need to put on any hats you don’t want to.

How many times you hear you have to be loud and be out there and hustle to get your job done.

I’m here to tell you there’s another way, one more kind, more closer to who you are. I call it the quiet storm. Just because you’re the quiet type, it does not mean you’re not powerful. In fact, whenever we whisper, people stop what they’re doing and start listening, like you’re going to say something magic. Try it next time.

Being kind wins over every time. So why not be authentically you and show your gentle power instead of someone you’re not.

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Coffee Table Book

While I am exploring printing, I discovered this company producing books on demand, Fotofabriek. I decided to try it out and I like the result. With my latest photoshoot, portraying the mother and daughter relationship, I had an idea to go one step further and make a coffee table book. I photographed them at different ages and I thought it would be interesting to see the development. I also love coffee table books. On any given sunny day you can find me on a coffee corner, browsing through their coffee table books collections.

The book is a design element in your house featuring you and your daughter. It will remind you both of your lovely experience together and book quality time together.

You can make a coffee table book at this site.


Looking through the lens

One doesn’t really know a person unless they’re in front of the camera. Looking through the lens, there’s another layer uncovered than the familiar face we post to the public. Maybe that’s why personal photoshoots are more intimate, you go through the layers of you, unveiling the different layers of your personality. 

This was the case with my client Ionela, I knew her from events we organised and attended together, I grew familiar with her bubbly personality, and I saw her as the cool chick. 

But seeing her in front of my camera, I have discovered the woman that she is, talented, creative, resourceful, authentic.. vulnerable, and not afraid to show it, powerful at the same time a complete woman in her own rights. 

I felt affection, and for me, that means being inspired and motivated to look beyond the public face. 

“Seeing these portraits empowers me, all the while making me feel extremely proud of the woman I have become. “



As you know, last year I have become a mother.


It was indeed the most remarkable and unforgettable year, becoming a mother, having a daughter.


It’s been a time of growth, acceptance and much-needed self-love.


It’s incredible to see a new story come to life, to witness it from the early stages, my daughter’s story, to be part of it intimately and also an active role as a parent. It’s a thrilling experience.


I’ve learned so much about life, again and again, it is like getting a new understanding of the world.


While I love my baby immensely and spending time with her has been the main pass of time in the last year, it is time to go back to work.


It is calling me, to be fully fulfilled, there is a side of me which aches to create again. Doing my life’s work, creating with a camera is essential to me.


Of course, my mission feels even more important now, having a daughter. I want every woman to realise her beauty is unmistakable and to understand that her role in the world is both irreplaceable and imperative.


My promise to you is that once you step in front of my camera, this will happen.


Leaving a legacy behind has become to me more important than before, knowing there’s someone to leave it behind to. I will make it a priority to get behind the camera more.


Returning to work will be a balancing act, and I will probably fail a couple of times in the beginning, and that’s ok, I’m new to all this. I hope you’re going to understand my clumsiness. It will all take time.


Anna allows me to play on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for now, and those are my studio days dedicated to you.

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I have been quiet lately, focusing on my next big lifetime adventure.  This is the result.

I am proud to go through this transformation, becoming a mum, embracing life with life, bringing up in my womb a miracle, the touch of divine creation.

I have wanted this for a long time, ever since I can remember, and I am finally in the right place and time for this.

I made space for it in my life and arranged it in such a way that a kid could fit right in.

I found a photography studio close to home, with daycare on the ground floor, so I’d always be close by, I modeled my business so it would fit my mummy life. I learned about healthy eating, taking breaks and caring for myself. Learned how to care for my partner and communicate effectively so both our needs are met.

And then … she arrived. can’t be more proud and happy to carry her in my belly.

I am now expecting her arrival any minute, and she kicks in my belly as I am writing this. :)

I will be taking six months of maternity leave to enjoy this new life and be close to her and give her all the love and nurture she needs to adapt to this new world.

I will be back to work early next year, February 2020 is when I plan to continue my portrait practice.




Looking towards the future, 2020 seems to be the year of new endeavours (such a cool number, isn’t it?) and I want to be the one that brings out the beautiful and confident, amazing person that you are.

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