Looking through the lens

One doesn’t really know a person unless they’re in front of the camera. Looking through the lens, there’s another layer uncovered than the familiar face we post to the public. Maybe that’s why personal photoshoots are more intimate, you go through the layers of you, unveiling the different layers of your personality. 

This was the case with my client Ionela, I knew her from events we organised and attended together, I grew familiar with her bubbly personality, and I saw her as the cool chick. 

But seeing her in front of my camera, I have discovered the woman that she is, talented, creative, resourceful, authentic.. vulnerable, and not afraid to show it, powerful at the same time a complete woman in her own rights. 

I felt affection, and for me, that means being inspired and motivated to look beyond the public face. 

“Seeing these portraits empowers me, all the while making me feel extremely proud of the woman I have become. “


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