Empower yourself

We may have had a hard year and maybe it feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with spring here. But what do you do to get your energy high up again?

This is what I do, and I know it will work for you too.

Empower yourself in some way.

Do you know what empowers you? What do you do for yourself as self-care and a self-love act?

Do something you love, take time for yourself, for example, reap some wellness benefits, or let your creativity flow and fulfil a project that you postponed forever.

Be in the flow. Create a rhythm that works for you. Find a schedule with the family that allows everyone to have time together but also make sure everyone gets their own time. So you can have enough time to work on the things you love. When you’re in the flow, everything works, you get creative, you finish projects, it’s such an intense time of creation and it feels like everything around is participating and willing to help you achieve your goal. And then you can relax and get back to being together with your family, or loved one.

Another thing that empowers me is to dream. Think about my future. My long term plans. Take time to dream. To design your future – you will feel empowered and motivated.

Creating rituals allows you to schedule time with yourself. Like a warm bath followed by a self-massage with your favourite essential oil. It does not have to be big and take all your day, but little consistent acts of self-care that are beneficial to you.

It is time to thrive. So let behind the past and let’s dance into the future!


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