Dare to be yourself

With things opening and everyone starting to mingle more and be social, it seems that not everyone is on the same page with “coming out” of the hibernation mode. Many of us became adjusted to isolation and have anxiety about showing up in the world again.  Mental health, poor nutrition, unhealthy choices and lack of self-care all play a part in this.

Give yourself time and be kind to yourself.  There’s no need to put on any hats you don’t want to.

How many times you hear you have to be loud and be out there and hustle to get your job done.

I’m here to tell you there’s another way, one more kind, more closer to who you are. I call it the quiet storm. Just because you’re the quiet type, it does not mean you’re not powerful. In fact, whenever we whisper, people stop what they’re doing and start listening, like you’re going to say something magic. Try it next time.

Being kind wins over every time. So why not be authentically you and show your gentle power instead of someone you’re not.

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