I have been quiet lately, focusing on my next big lifetime adventure.  This is the result.

I am proud to go through this transformation, becoming a mum, embracing life with life, bringing up in my womb a miracle, the touch of divine creation.

I have wanted this for a long time, ever since I can remember, and I am finally in the right place and time for this.

I made space for it in my life and arranged it in such a way that a kid could fit right in.

I found a photography studio close to home, with daycare on the ground floor, so I’d always be close by, I modeled my business so it would fit my mummy life. I learned about healthy eating, taking breaks and caring for myself. Learned how to care for my partner and communicate effectively so both our needs are met.

And then … she arrived. can’t be more proud and happy to carry her in my belly.

I am now expecting her arrival any minute, and she kicks in my belly as I am writing this. :)

I will be taking six months of maternity leave to enjoy this new life and be close to her and give her all the love and nurture she needs to adapt to this new world.

I will be back to work early next year, February 2020 is when I plan to continue my portrait practice.




Looking towards the future, 2020 seems to be the year of new endeavours (such a cool number, isn’t it?) and I want to be the one that brings out the beautiful and confident, amazing person that you are.

Therefore I would like to invite you to join my VIP list personally. You will be the first to know about:

  • My new ideas for portrait photoshoots
  • Inspiring new tips for self-care, confidence, ageing
  • By enlisting in the VIP list, you will secure the same prices as shown today on my website for a new shooting. Because also prices grow up ;)


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