Give your body a voice

For generations

We were told what to do

How to sit

How to smile

How to cover our bodies


Our body is governed by so many rules, set in place to control us. How we look, how we show up in the world, how we are, it’s all controlled by patriarchy.

I would like to live in a world where women do not have to see their bodies as a reason to hide away.

Where women do not have to cover their bodies and face for their safety.

A world where we are free to show up in the world the way we want, without the fear of being stigmatised for it

“When you are in an environment where you get accepted for who you are and you feel safe to express your inner self, then you drop your mask and start focusing on your true purpose.” Lisa Renander

I would like to live in a world where everybody is seen as beautiful.

Reclaim your body

Give your body a voice

Safe in your own skin

We were taught how to care for others

Put ourselves last

Give up our ambitions

Care for kids, parents, man

We were not taught to care for ourselves as we are in service to others

Give ourselves the same energy we give our loved ones

Since I have started my business I wanted to empower women in their private and career life.

I wanted to help women to connect with themselves

And see themselves how I see them.

And while I mastered that over the past 10 years, I felt there was another level.

Now I want to go deeper. To the root cause of all our insecurities.

The connection we have with our body

I want to show you there’s nothing wrong with your body

You are perfectly fine the way you are

Be your most feminine

Reversing centuries of patriarchy is not going to happen overnight

Guilt and shame have deep roots within ourselves

These are the tools used to govern our bodies

But what if there’s a way to live differently

More aware

More embodied

What if there’s a way to own your femininity and the gifts that have been given to you in this world

Give your body a voice

And live vicariously through you and your own feelings

Every day

Getting in touch with your body – is taking your own power and living it

Nobody can take that away from you if you don’t take it from yourself

Start exploring your feminine power

Get out of your numbness

If we are here to change the way the world works and serve humanity

It’s gotta be through living our most embodied life

It’s gotta be through allowing us to feel and recognise our emotions, our bodies, our darkness, our deepest desires, our sexuality. Our innate love for ourselves.

I am making it my mission to help you get there.

By honoring who you are, by holding space for you to be yourself, by seeing you as you see yourself in the mirror when nobody is watching

Are you ready to see your most glorious self?


Are you ready to see your most glorious self?


I want this

Why I do what I do

What is it about empowering women that makes me so motivated?


For once, it’s great to see women are more than just a pretty face, and finally have their ideas and creativity start coming forward.
Women have finally more space to develop and grow themselves and this is a big leap forward, we have the means and the brains to do it, so why not do it?


Going your own way is something that I admire, wanting to prove to the world you have a better method, invented a new process, created a new program and have the courage to start something on your own. Then, having the courage to put your work out there, owning your ideas, and publish your work, is not something to be taken lightly. It takes guts and I know how hard it is.


I want to show women to the world… it’s time to be seen. Time to prove to the world we are here too and that we have a new way of doing things. Our own feminine way. Powerful in many ways.


As a portrait photographer, I photograph energy, female energy not surprisingly is very different from our counterparts, not better or worse, but different. I am very happy to see that slowly women start to accept themselves more, start to take care of themselves more, and start to see themselves as an individual rather than a function. Sure you are still the mother, wife, businesswoman, or professional, but you are also a woman. This side is what I want to photograph, I want to show you – you in a way that is stripped from all your functions and duties. This is what I want to empower and grow in my business.


What is it about empowering women that makes me so motivated?  I could list a million things but I think it all boils down to one main point: empowerment leads to confidence. And confidence is the key to success. And I want women to succeed.


When you have the courage to be yourself and love yourself for who you are, that’s when true greatness can be achieved. So often we allow our insecurities and self-doubt to hold us back from reaching our full potential. But when we empower ourselves, those negative voices are no longer in control. We are in control. And that is an incredibly empowering feeling.


So how can we empower women? There are many ways but I think it starts with having the courage to be ourselves and loving ourselves for who we are. When we do this, we give other women permission to do the same. We become a force of positivity and empowerment. And that is something we can all benefit from.
So let’s start today. Let’s have the courage to be ourselves and love ourselves for who we are. It’s time for us to experience true empowerment. And when we do, we will engage with the world in a whole new way. We will be confident, bold, and fearless. We will be unstoppable.


For once, it’s great to see women are more than a pretty face, and finally, their ideas start coming forwards.


It’s time for us to love ourselves unconditionally and be proud of who we are. We need to have the courage to be ourselves, and not let anyone else tell us who we should be. We deserve to experience true empowerment, and when we do, we will engage with the world in a whole new way. We will be confident, bold, and fearless. We will be unstoppable.


There will be people who will try to bring you down, who will criticise your work and try to tell you that you’re not good enough. But don’t listen to them. You are good enough. You are more than enough. And you have what it takes to succeed.


So go out there and be brave. Be bold. Go after your dreams. And never, ever give up on yourself. Remember, you are amazing just the way you are. And the world needs your unique gifts, so don’t be afraid to share them with us. Thank you for being here and for being YOU!

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I can conquer the world

The moment you open up and show yourself to the world, show who you really are, your whole world changes.
The feeling you can conquer the world. The feeling I can do it all, everything is possible. When you realize all the fears you had, all the thoughts, the worries, it’s all in your head. It’s how you look at things and what you focus on.
Don’t let the little wrinkle that appears on your face influence how you look at yourself. Don’t make it bigger than it is. It’s how you look at things and what you focus on.
The moment you realize all the fears you had, all the thoughts, the worries, it’s all in your head.
 You start to see things differently, you become more confident and everything seems possible. You can do anything you set your mind to. The sky is the limit, and you are the only one who can hold yourself back. So go out there and conquer the world, because it’s yours for the taking!
When you focus on the good, the positive, things will start to change for the better. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve and conquer when you put your mind to it. You have to believe in yourself first before anyone else will.
It all starts with your mindset. Prove to yourself that you can do it. Because once you do, there’s nothing stopping you. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.
So go out there and show the world what you’re made of!  Just believe in yourself and conquer the world.
Lets connect.

The Joy of Living with Confidence


Confidence means knowing that you have the ability to get the job done. It starts from there. Being confident you can do it.

It’s a mix of knowing and doing that gets you more confident. 

1 Stand tall, legs apart shoulders length, and imagine an invisible string pulling you up from the top of your head. Feet steadily grounded, even more, imagine they create roots in the ground. This is the position to feel powerful and think about your task ahead. Think about your goals or mission for the week and clearly state what you want to achieve.


2 Take care of yourself. Allow yourself the time you need for yourself. Put down on paper your favourite activities and pick at least one a day. I do 5 a week.


3 Think of yourself today compared to yourself 5 years ago. Are you happy with your progress? Have you improved in any way, topic, skill, healed some wounds, or closed some chapters? When you compare yourself with others, there is little chance of getting to know and grow you, other’s paths have nothing to do with yours, compare yourself if you like with your younger self to notice the growth.


4 Listen to yourself. There is the mind and there is the heart. The mind is easier to listen to, it talks to you all day long. Make an effort to quiet the mind and feel the heart. Is she happy? She’s the true manager of your life. Your mind is a poor negotiator, while your heart, your heart is your true soul guide in life. Are you guys in line?


5 Look around at your support system. Are you happy with the ones around you? This can be family, friends, or network. Do you feel part of it all? Are you confident in asking for help? This is an important aspect of confidence, to know someone has your back. If not, you have back aches, and you cannot stand tall, see point 1. Simple no?


6 How do you feel about your body growing older? This is something lots of people struggle with, they have an image about themselves, which is a lot of the time inaccurate. We tend to focus too much on the saggy parts, forgetting there’s still a sparkle in our eyes. I’ve seen people feeling sexy at 60, and when I look at them, I certainly have never noticed their saggy bits.


7 Your energy is your energy. You can raise your frequency (like when you’re excited) or you can stay balanced. This decision is yours. It belongs to you and you’re in charge of your own timing. Don’t let anyone misbalance you, pushing you in a way you don’t want to. Staying in control of yourself as your own energy is one of the most powerful things you can do.


8 Confidence is awarded to you when you help other people. If you focus your energy on someone else that is in need, for a change, you will feel good about yourself, you would have learned something new and you would have empowered someone. Paying it forward is a strong source of confidence.


9 Discover the things that make you you. Give them names and put them on paper. Write things like Compassionate, Curious, Content, Congruent, Resilient, Present, Strong, Sharp. Come back to this list and add more.  Be proud of who you are every day.


10 Honour your roots. They made you who you are. Good or bad, it is where you are now and this is how you got there. Accept it, say thank you, and look forward. This is part of you.
Bonus: Hang a photo of yourself, where you can see it every day. A photo which you are proud of and think is ‘me at my best’. A visual is worth more than a thousand words, it’s your imagination made real. Your mirror avatar.
This is who I am and this is how I feel like. I am strong and resilient, I am here to serve humanity the best I can. I am here to help myself grow and move forward in my quest for becoming the best version of myself. I am joy. I decide to be happy every day. I take time off for myself when life becomes too much, I come back into the world much stronger. I find Home in myself.

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Feel good in your own skin

 How often do we look in the mirror and all we can see is our imperfections? We focus on the things that we don’t like about ourselves and we forget to appreciate the things that make us unique and beautiful. If you’re not happy with who you are, it’s time to make peace with yourself.
Stop picking yourself apart and start loving yourself a bit more. Once you do, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.
What would it take for you to see your qualities first instead of hearing your judging voice?
That’s what making peace with who you are is all about. It’s about finding a way to love and accept yourself – flaws and all.
And once you love yourself, it becomes so much easier to love others. Start today by giving yourself a break. Be a bit kinder to yourself and see how good it feels. From there, the world is your oyster!
Transform what you see in your mind and half of the problem is solved already. So love yourself a little more today and see how your world changes for the better.
A lot of people never make peace with who they are. They are in a constant battle with themselves, always trying to change something about their appearance or their personality.
If you can learn to love yourself just the way you are, it will be a weight lifted off your shoulders. You will finally be able to relax and feel good in your own skin.
It’s not easy to love yourself when the world is constantly telling you that you’re not good enough.
But you have to start somewhere. So why not start today?
Just look in the mirror and find one thing that you like about yourself. It can be anything, no matter how small. And then build from there.
Remember, there is no one else like you in this world. You are unique and special, just the way you are. So love yourself… today and always.
Once you focus on something you love about yourself, the rest follows along and once you feel good, you look your best. So love yourself from the inside out and let your light shine bright!
So, love yourself a little more today and see the difference it makes in your life.
I think this it’s hormonal, at the cell level.
Do a happy dance in front of the mirror, pick some angel cards, light a candle, put on makeup, whatever makes you feel good at that moment.
Love yourself a bit more, as you are loveable, just the way you are.  So love yourself… today and always.
And please, don’t compare your insides to someone else. We are all on our own journey and we are each beautiful in our own way. So love yourself a little more today and see the difference it makes in your life.
So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to love yourself.

Time to love yourself

You are unique

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I am worthy

The other day I was taking a portrait of a wonderful strong beautiful woman, who survived the brutal C. She lived her life being of service to her family and yet at 50, she was doing this photoshoot for herself, doing a photo shoot for the first time, doing something for herself.

She was still not sure this was something she deserves, as she received this photo session as a gift from her husband for her anniversary and had to be convinced to do it even though she has been thinking about it for a while.

My heart is still shattered in pieces knowing that in this world, people feel less than, not worthy of, not being good/beautiful/insert adjective here.

How do we get to a point where we realize our own worth? That we are worthy of love and respect, just because we exist. Not because of what we do or don’t do, but simply because we are.

It is my hope that this woman sees herself through my lens, the way I see her. Worthy, whole, and complete. Just as she is. Worthy of love, respect, and admiration. Simply because she is her.

 As you embark on this new journey. Please repeat this mantra after me: “I am worthy of good things and I deserve to treat myself well. This photoshoot is a reflection of that belief. It’s a chance to step outside of my comfort zone and do something that makes me feel good.

I’m excited to see how this turns out, not just because of the end result, but because of the process. This is an opportunity to connect with myself in a new way and create something beautiful. Whatever happens, I know that I am worthy and deserving of love and care.”

Marianne Williamson’s words ring true for me.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.“ – Marianne Williamson

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A mother’s love knows no bounds: spending time with my daughter making memories

A daughter’s love knows no bounds as well, but few can match the love of a mother’s heart. This unbreakable bond between mother and daughter often grows even stronger as the years go by, and no matter how old your child becomes, it will always be one of the strongest relationships in your life. Here are some ideas on how to spend quality time with your mom this weekend, strengthening your bond together while making memories that will last forever.

People are busier than ever before. In today’s society, it seems that families are getting smaller, and parents don’t have as much time to spend with their children as they would like.

It’s not about how much time you spend, but what you do while you are together. Rather than taking your daughter shopping or to a restaurant, go on a hike or camping trip together and make it into an adventure. You’ll both enjoy yourselves far more, and create some great new memories as well.

The joy of spending time with mum while getting your portrait taken.

Celebrate your relationships

The last couple of years was hard for parents and their children that live far away from each other. They have not seen each other for a long time and spending time together seemed like a luxury. I was overjoyed to hear when grandparents managed to visit their kids and grandkids. Finally, mothers were reunited with their daughters.
When I created these photoshoot experiences, for moms and daughters, I did not imagine how important time spent together is. I took it all for granted… and after doing a couple of these shoots, I realised what an amazing thing it is to spend time with mum, get pampered with lovely hair and makeup done up – together, and make memories. To hold your portraits in your hands, portraits that will outlive you and will be the most cherished thing to have in the years to come.


Dear mum, I cherish you in my heart forever and I want to spend time with you. Will you join me in a photoshoot that we will enjoy in the years to come?



The time is now

I had the honour to have Mary Jane Roy in front of my camera. This was her first professional photoshoot, complete with wardrobe, makeup and hairstyling. At the age of 67!

I met Mary Jane through the Professional Women’s Network (PWN) Netherlands years ago and we had an instant connection. (Turns out we were born on the same day :) )

What captivated me about her from the start was her kindness and warmth, and mostly her ability to see the good in others, motivating them to be the strong and resilient people they can be.

Mary Jane Roy is fighting for a “multi-generational future where younger and older employees feel welcomed and valued”. I would add that they are both irreplaceable and imperative in today’s society.

This is what she said about her experience with us:

“Yesterday, I had one of the best experiences of my life! As a result of the combined efforts of Tammy Parrish and Cristina Stoian, I had my first professional photoshoot, at the age of 67! A professional make-up artist Stefan Alina was also available, as well as a videographer @Kristina Nesterova , who recorded much of the session.

A huge thank you, to all of you. It was something I SO didn’t want to do (but it was time), and it turned into a fun few hours. It’s for this reason, I say it was one of the best experiences. It stretched me, which is to grow.
You had me laughing my way through a situation for which I definitely had to muscle up my courage!

I haven’t seen the results yet, but from these professionals, I know the end result will be cherished by me.




I strongly believe 50+ is fabulous! I cannot get enough photographing them, offering a platform to be visible and appreciated in our youth-obsessed world. Me and Tammy Parrish are committed to see that happen! Let’s do this!

Many thanks to all the team that made it all happen:

Tammy Parrish stylist
Stefan Alina Make-up and hair artist
Kristina Nesterova videographer
marleen rameckers Jewelry

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