Celebrate your relationships

The last couple of years was hard for parents and their children that live far away from each other. They have not seen each other for a long time and spending time together seemed like a luxury. I was overjoyed to hear when grandparents managed to visit their kids and grandkids. Finally, mothers were reunited with their daughters.
When I created these photoshoot experiences, for moms and daughters, I did not imagine how important time spent together is. I took it all for granted… and after doing a couple of these shoots, I realised what an amazing thing it is to spend time with mum, get pampered with lovely hair and makeup done up – together, and make memories. To hold your portraits in your hands, portraits that will outlive you and will be the most cherished thing to have in the years to come.


Dear mum, I cherish you in my heart forever and I want to spend time with you. Will you join me in a photoshoot that we will enjoy in the years to come?



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