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I had the honour to have Mary Jane Roy in front of my camera. This was her first professional photoshoot, complete with wardrobe, makeup and hairstyling. At the age of 67!

I met Mary Jane through the Professional Women’s Network (PWN) Netherlands years ago and we had an instant connection. (Turns out we were born on the same day :) )

What captivated me about her from the start was her kindness and warmth, and mostly her ability to see the good in others, motivating them to be the strong and resilient people they can be.

Mary Jane Roy is fighting for a “multi-generational future where younger and older employees feel welcomed and valued”. I would add that they are both irreplaceable and imperative in today’s society.

This is what she said about her experience with us:

“Yesterday, I had one of the best experiences of my life! As a result of the combined efforts of Tammy Parrish and Cristina Stoian, I had my first professional photoshoot, at the age of 67! A professional make-up artist Stefan Alina was also available, as well as a videographer @Kristina Nesterova , who recorded much of the session.

A huge thank you, to all of you. It was something I SO didn’t want to do (but it was time), and it turned into a fun few hours. It’s for this reason, I say it was one of the best experiences. It stretched me, which is to grow.
You had me laughing my way through a situation for which I definitely had to muscle up my courage!

I haven’t seen the results yet, but from these professionals, I know the end result will be cherished by me.




I strongly believe 50+ is fabulous! I cannot get enough photographing them, offering a platform to be visible and appreciated in our youth-obsessed world. Me and Tammy Parrish are committed to see that happen! Let’s do this!

Many thanks to all the team that made it all happen:

Tammy Parrish stylist
Stefan Alina Make-up and hair artist
Kristina Nesterova videographer
marleen rameckers Jewelry

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cristina-stoian-lara jade - blog-lara photo by monique shaw

photo by Monique Shaw

Today I met international photographer Lara Jade at Shoot Amsterdam. I was waiting for this event, mainly to see her speak live. She’s a good friend of Sue Bryce, my new role model, so seeing her and talking to her in real life made me feel a bit closer to Sue. :) I told her I am starting Glamour Photography in Amsterdam and she said, “oh yeah, I think it’s a great market here”. She encouraged me to do it.

It was refreshing to see how she was interacting with the model, she is using a familiar special posing language, using her hands and key words, language that I learned as well through doing the CREATIVELIVE courses with Sue.

Her keynote/demo was all about ‘mastering one light’. It was sponsored by  so the stage was decorated with Giant Parabolic reflectors, the one she was using was really huge, a third of the stage. She was controlling the lights via her iPad, with the bronControl app, cool gimmick that raised some eye brows in the audience.

But one thing that stuck to me from everything else that she taught. To her, more important than all the lighting techniques in the world, is the connection with your subject. When you take your time and have have a coffee and a chat with your models before the shoot, connecting on a human level, it makes a huge difference, your portraits will be showing more the emotional side, which is one of Lara’s most compelling quality.

cristina-stoian-blog-lara jade photo by monique shaw

Photo by Monique Shaw

cristina-stoian-blog-lara jade 5 cristina-stoian-blog-lara jade 6 cristina-stoian-lara jade -blog-lara3

cristina-stoian- lara jade- blog-lara2photo by monique shaw

Photo by Monique Shaw