Ready to Love

 So many people I photograph and friends tell me that they are single and can’t find a partner to share their lives in Amsterdam.

They start blaming the city, their busy lives, their careers.


I always ask them, are you ready for love?

Valentine is coming and I feel compelled to write about this. Soon, spring will be here, and with that the boom of nature: the flowers, the butterflies, the sun is back, and for me, this is the love season.

When everything around you blooms, the air is warm, the aroma of the flowers makes you dizzy, something happens inside. The many jackets you’re wearing during winter are falling off you now and you are feeling lighter. You feel freer: free to move, free to sing, to dance, to jump in the air.

Why am I talking about this? Because I want you to feel it, so much you could touch it. I want you to understand what nature goes through every spring to come to life and go with the flow and feel it.

Think about yourself, how did you feel inside this winter. Are the jackets become heavier to wear, the long winter days and nights are they unbearable and cold. Is it time to open up and let love in? Are you ready to bloom? How you might ask. Well…


Do you have your apartment ready?
If not, start the declutter, start to fresh up the air, get some plants, burn some incents.
In Feng Shui, they say if you want to attract a partner, you have to make space in your house for them. Get an extra pillow, make some space in your cupboards, set two equal nightstands. I believe this way you also make space in your mind and something starts to shift.


Do you have your wardrobe ready?
Have you thought what sort of colours/materials/cuts you want to wear this spring that are communicating love?  Start getting your clothes dry-cleaned, sorted, ready to embrace spring and a new you!


Do you have your heart ready?

This one is the toughest one. Are you ready and open to it? Are you allowing yourself to fall in love? Did you make this your priority? No more excuses. If this is what you really want, then you focus on it. Have a heart to heart conversation with yourself and decide: “This is the spring I’m going to fall in love! ”


Then show yourself to the world like you mean it, the bud in bloom that you are, ready to open up and embrace it!
If you need help getting your confidence up and present yourself to the world go to contacts and let’s schedule a chat about it!

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