Photographs produced by Crisspix Photography are protected by the

Dutch copyright Act of 1912. Upon complete payment of the fees due,

Crisspix Photography grants you limited license for the photographs

as follows: a) the photographs may be printed for personal use; b)

printed photographs may be printed and gifted to friends and

relatives; c) the photographs may be used for self promotion in

marketing material (newsletters, Annual reports, corporate pr, press

releases, Website & Online Marketing catalogs, product sheets and

brochures, letterhead, presentation folders, specification sheets, case

histories or application sheets, special event brochures, manuals,

technical bulletins, product insert sheets; d) the photographs may be

used on personal web sites or on social networking outlets.

Otherwise, you must obtain written permission from and offer just

compensation to Crisspix Photography for any other uses of the


You agree that you will not make photographic prints available for

sale to individuals, groups, or third parties through online photo

sharing services like Snapfish, Kodak Easyshare Gallery, Flickr, etc.

Any artistic and photographic interpretations I make related to your

photography will be deemed acceptable and correct. The images I

provide you will be edited at my discretion and therefore may not

include all of the images I captured during your session or project. I

reserve the right to edit and release only those photographs that meet

my artistic standards.


Copyright on photos: 10 commandments for users of professional


1. Respect the copyright on photos

2. Always ask permission from the photographer if you want to use a

3. Do not rely on the communication of others. Only the photographer

can authorise use of a photo

4. Always make clear agreements on the use and compensation

5. Use an image only for the purposes agreed

6. Always try to trace the name of the photographer. If you do not

know who the author is do no use the photo

7. Always include the name of the photographer in a photo

8. Editing a photo without permission of the photographer is forbidden

9. Note the rights others may have in the picture. Ask permission to

10. Give the photographer always a complimentary copy of the