Why not

I have been photographic women for over half a decade.

I can now say that I have heard every excuse you can imagine for women not to step in front of the camera.

I’m not good enough

I don’t look good on camera

I need to lose weight before you take photos of me

I HATE having my photo taken

I look old nowadays…

During the last years photographing women, I discovered some patterns women have in common before they decide to have their portrait taken. It is always the same and always baffles me. I do understand it, as I am a woman too, and I wished I can make a difference about it.  I will discuss it here, because I think women need to get over it.


1) I need to lose 25 kilos before I can have my portrait shot taken


I have been saying that since I was 25. Each year I felt I do not look good enough now. I am too chubby to appear in photos. I had an image in my head about how I was supposed to look based on how I looked at 14. so I always felt I need to lose weight…and guess what, it never happens. I never manage to lose 25 kilos. why ? because I draw myself nearly impossible targets to achieve and then fail and feel bad about it. If I look back at my photos now since when I was 25, I think to myself, I was insane back then. There’s no way I did not look beautiful. and still, inside of me, there was always this little voice that said.. “you don’t look good enough”… do you recognise that?


My solution: I started taking selfies of myself when I turned 28. I’ve created myself a Path account and I’ve only shared it with myself. I have taken photos of me every single week… for 2 years. In each photo, I was trying to show myself in a “beautiful light”. So I learned about posing and lighting. I noticed how my mood changed my photos always, so if I was pleased that day, the photos would look radiant… This helped me improve the image I had about myself… and then.. even to lose weight. When I did not think as much about the weight, but as how can I look more beautiful in my next photo, I did miraculously lose 8 kilos. Because 8-10 was really more realistic…


2) What can I do with a portrait


Why do I need a portrait, you must wonder yourself as I did for many years. I was taking photos of other people and never occurred to me that I should get one too. And when I did, I realised why. It is such an incredible gift to yourself. To see yourself the way you are. To be able to show the world who you are. To be able to hold yourself in a printed photo and really admire yourself. It is something so powerful, beyond words. It is something that makes you want to appreciate yourself more and be kind to yourself. It is an experience that touches your soul in powerful ways and changes you. Once you know why you want it, you will surely know what to do with it. Tips here.


3) I am not ready for this


Imagine yourself travelling to a foreign country by yourself. How does it feel? Do you like the fact that there is no person to drag you from your path and you can see whatever you like to see and go wherever you like to go? Does it feel like freedom to be able to choose what to do next?

In my photoshoots, I strive to give you the same feeling. We are designing this shoot together, but really you are the one in charge of this journey. It is a journey for you to discover yourself.  I am providing the tools you need for you to shine through. The real you will shine through. The one that you used to be and now you forgot, the goddess you sometimes felt but now not anymore.


4)  I’m too old to have my portrait taken


Nearly all women that come to me ask me: can you make me look more young in the photos? Is there some special light you can use so my wrinkles do not get seen?

Yes! your inner special light! Age has nothing to do with your inner light. When your inner light shines, wrinkles have nothing on you. You are more than your body, your skin or your wrinkles. You are now more powerful, witty, deserving. I feel in awe of you and you should be too. Let’s show the world exactly how beautiful you are! 


5)  I am not pretty enough


I’m not beautiful enough, I’m not pretty, I’m not good looking. I hear this over and over again…. and yet.. you are! I see the light shining in your eyes when I talk about your passion, I see your face lighting up when I talk about your family. I see you sparkling when I ask you about your loved one. So why not shine when I talk about you? Why not allow me to show you how beautiful you really are, who I really see when I look at you. If I could only show you how you are in front of my camera, you will change the way you look at yourself… and it’s an experience you won’t forget!

…and you. miss… reading this. feeling safe behind your computer. what stops you from having your portrait taken? Let me know in the comments below.

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