50+ is Fabulous !

I’ve been fascinated lately with the trend in the media, photographs of stylish seniors, documenting their mature, chic and fabulous personalities.

It has been a secret desire of mine to photograph someone 50+ & Fabulous. I was already imagining how I would style it and photograph it and not too long after, my wish came true and everything that I thought it would be, it happened!

I have photographed Caroline Waanders, a spiritual coach from Nijeberkoop. She is an empath, using her wisdom to help companies and individuals in their development.

Caroline dreams of a world where everyone is and develops their authentic self, a world where people start using their unique personal power to achieve their goals and they live by their heart and soul. How beautiful is that!

She is a phenomenal woman.

During her photoshoot, her confidence and charm exuded and made my work with her – easy. I had a lot of fun photographing her and her step daughter and also the little dog Tara, which came along in the shoot as her +1.


I will leave you with the pictures and a behind the scenes video of them.













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