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Say hello to Your Full-Scope POWER SUIT high-end headshot session

Book my proven, stress-free session, that cares for you to the finest detail. It’s not only about gorgeous makeup and hair but also styling, unique backdrops, natural light studio, and the right poses, we designed a session around your needs and it’s a sure way to make you feel gorgeous.

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It’s no longer about selling yourself.

It’s about attracting the RIGHT people. You can show up in a meaningful way. You can be true to YOU, your strengths, voice and creativity. You can grow your business impact at the same time.
Align your corporate/business identity with your headshot, using authentic expressions.

There’s a clear, actionable way for you to show up with confidence, and feel like you can conquer the world, without the anxiety of “do I even look good?”

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This is your time to be visible to the world, get rid of that old corporate headshot that hasn’t been working for you. My Power Suit Highend Headshot Sessions are here to help you overcome the fear of being seen, learn how to pass the impostor syndrome and grow beyond it!


Time to carve a new path for yourself. Time to open your LinkedIn and know you look professional and appealing. It’s less about popularity and more about profitability.

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So, why does going to the photographer make so many of us break out in a cold sweat?

You’ve been browsing your phone for 15 minutes, scrolling through people’s profiles, and you think “That’s right, I need a new headshot.

You start looking at your phone in your photo library, trying to find something that you can use that feels like you, but it’s also not too casual for work.

Hot flushes coming in at the idea that you might need a professional photographer. A plethora of fears come up for you.

I’m not good enough; I don’t look good on camera; I need to lose weight before you take photos of me; I HATE having my photo taken I look old nowadays…

The list could go on and on. Let me reassure you that these fears and more have been dispelled with a set of amazing photographs that most definitely do show your best side off (professionally and otherwise) to the world.



This is your invitation

I invite you to a personal session with me,
I’ll show you a side of you that doesn’t usually get to be seen.
I want you to be able to see the
beautiful, natural, confident woman in yourself.

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Ready to leverage Linkedin, your favourite social place, to be your no#1 driver of business—in under 3 hours by having the right headshot?

Headshots aren’t a beauty contest

They are an invitation into your professional world.
It’s a story that tells the world who you are. It starts with showing up and owning your story.  In the LinkedIn world, your professional story takes centre stage. Reimagine your digital presence on LinkedIn. It’s where your story isn’t just shared; it’s showcased with clarity and purpose. Let’s move beyond the conventional strategies and delve deeper. It starts with showing up authentically and sharing your professional journey. Because on LinkedIn, your story isn’t just a post; it’s an opportunity to connect, inspire, and thrive in the professional sphere.

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Your A-to-Z full-service photoshoot

Harness the power of Linkedin for a deeper connection to your digital community that drives visibility and profits… all under 3 hours, in a pamper shoot by a team of like-minded professionals.
In 15 years, I have helped over 500 individuals, tell their stories with their images. Helped them show up confidently that their headshots convey their authentic self. Leave an indelible mark on the LinkedIn platform and beyond, making their presence known in a truly impactful manner.
Curious about what imagery can do for you?

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Here’s everything you get Inside the Powersuit


We start with a conversation where together we’ll start the journey to find out what your shoot will be about. Maybe you already have an idea brewing? Or maybe you have no idea where to even start …What side of yourself you would like to show, what you would like to wear, and what sort of style we’ll put together for you. We take out the guesswork, so you can step into the studio with confidence.

During this Step, we’ll decide together

  • Where would you like to use your headshot
  • What’s the format you need
  • What outfits you’re going to bring
  • What sort of hair and makeup do you like
  • Which backdrops you love
  • What do you want to express to the world about you


The second session is all about you. Hair, make-up, clothes and accessories. You’re totally pampered and together we go through the outfits we chose and those you brought and choose which work best. It’s important you feel beautiful in order to feel confident in front of the camera, and this session will definitely make you feel it!

During this Step, we’ll decide together

  • What sort of makeup and hair goes well with your brand
  • What styling we’re going to use on your clothes
  • Which backdrops go with which outfits for the look and feel we’re aiming for


This is where the fun with the camera starts. Forget all you thought you knew about when people take shots of you, let me work my magic and we’ll see what happens. Which side of you will come bursting through? Only time will tell…

During this Step, you’ll walk through the steps to:

  • Decide which poses work the best for your brand
  • Coaching through poses, so you don’t need posing experience
  • We take breaks and we have a relaxed atmosphere in the studio
  • Shoot time is 2h, 2-3 sets, photographing 3 change of outfits


We’ll go through your shots and you can choose which ones you would like to keep.  The end result will probably be a portrait, as you’ve never seen of yourself before. You might be surprised with what we end up with, and you’ll definitely be pleased.

During this Step, you’ll walk through the steps to:

  • Advice and support on which photos to choose that work for you
  • Advice on where to use your headshot

My name is Cristina and I am a portrait photographer. I’ve learned through the years that photographing the lives and hearts of women runs so much deeper than just getting your picture taken. It’s an emotional experience, one that exposes vulnerabilities, but all the while empowers and uplifts. It’s an experience I want every women to have. One where she realises her beauty is unmistakable and the role that she plays in this world is both irreplaceable and imperative. My promise to you is that once you step in front of my camera, this will happen. And it’s an experience you won’t forget. I look forward to seeing you in my studio.

Yours truly,

Stephanie Ward

Stephanie Ward

Marketing Coach / Fireflycoaching

“Cristina knows how to capture the very essence of a person in a photograph. She is extremely professional and goes the extra mile to make sure she gets the shot. And in addition to all of that, she’s a blast to work with.”

Athalie Stegeman

Athalie Stegeman

Business Transformation Consultant / The Innovationbroker

“Cristina is a natural professional in photography. How often do you see yourself in a picture thinking: “my god is this really me?” Cristina’s ability to catch the moment of true personal happiness gives me that natural and fresh professional picture that I like to present to the world.”

Dorota Klop-Sowinska

Dorota Klop-Sowinska

Transformation Coach / DoSo!Coaching & Counseling

“Cristina is a great person to work with. She did a photo shoot for me for the Xpat Journal and also for my website and social media. I was extremely happy with the end result: the photo’s. She also delivered it timely and more than we initially agreed. During the photo shoot she put me immediately at ease, she was professional & friendly at the same time. Most importantly people loved the photo’s Cristina took of me.”

Mary Jane Roy

Mary Jane Roy

Corporate advisor/Thought Leader/ Board Member / Creating Waves

"Thank you to this great group of women. You had me laughing my way through a situation for which I definitely had to muscle up my courage!"

Katrien Riks

Katrien Riks

Interior Designer / Katrien Riks | Brand Styling

“Cristina is an intuitive photographer with an eye for the personality inside the sitter… she is also funny and a pleasure to sit for. Her pictures look wonderfully fresh and professional and I am going to work with her again for sure!”

Lara Manqui

Lara Manqui

Owner and Founder / Flourish

“This photo shoot was an incredible experience. The outfits Tammy chose for me and the way Cristina captured me on camera helped me to finally be able to show my true, beautiful self. Also, having photos I’m proud of to send out for speaking engagements and other business related activities saves me so much time and mental energy.”

Sandra Guy

Sandra Guy


"Tammy totally understood how to style the concept of what I write in a way that kept me in the forefront as a writer — as opposed to leaving me buried in one of my character’s costumes. She put together a texturally varied wardrobe for the photoshoot that not only worked on the day, but that works for me day today as well. Tammy’s attention to detail is excellent and she styled everything from well-fitted underwear to hats and velvet-covered hula hoops. I’d recommend Tammy for her insightful understanding of a brief, her professionalism and her ability to pull a striking look out of a somewhat small and random wardrobe."

So how much does it cost?

  • 6 Money Shots(value: €1,200)
  • Professional Hair and Makeup (value: €250)
  • High End Retouching on all your chosen photos (value €150)
  • Access to my Studio in Amsterdam (value €275)
  • Access to my studio wardrobe (value €250)
  • My support throughout the entire experience(value: €PRICELESS)
  • Advice on how to use your photos after the shoot(value: €PRICELESS)
  • Exclusive access to our Private Facebook Community (value: €PRICELESS)


…because I’m passionate about helping you look the best online and take the mystery out of taking the best photo of yourself, you can grab inside The Powersuit for just…