• A celebration of your connection with your body

    Give your body a voice

    For generations, We were told what to do How to sit How to smile How to cover our bodies Our body is governed by so many rules, set in place to control us. I would like to live in a world where women do not have to see their bodies as a reason to hide away. I want to show you there’s nothing wrong with your bodyYou are perfectly fine the way you areBe your most feminine.Getting in touch with your body – is taking your own power and living it. Start exploring your feminine power. By honouring who you are, by holding space for you to be yourself, by seeing you as you see yourself in the mirror when nobody is watching. Are you ready to see your most glorious self?

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  • A celebration of your connection with your body

    Give your body a voice

    For 70+ years, capitalist marketing has been telling us we are simply not good as we are. Reversing centuries of patriarchy is not going to happen over night. Guilt and shame have deep roots within ourselves, These are the tools used to govern our bodies. I want to show you there’s nothing wrong with your body Be your most feminine You are perfectly fine the way you are Are you ready to see your most divine self ?

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  • A celebration of your connection with your body

    Give your body a voice

    What if there’s a way to live differently More aware More embodied What if there’s a way to own your femininity and your gifts that have been given to you in this world Give your body a voice And live vicariously through you and your own feelings Every day Getting in touch with your body - is taking your own power and living in it Nobody can take that away from you if you don’t take it from yourself Start exploring your feminine power

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Give your body a voice

The Embodiment Experience

Since I started my photography studio, my mission was to empower women in their professional and personal life. I wanted to help women to connect to themselves and see themselves how I see them. And while I mastered that over the past 10 years, I felt there was something more. Now I want to go deeper. To the root cause of all our insecurities. The connection we have with our body.

“The photoshoot with Cristina was life-changing! I felt like the goddess self that I only dream of being — because of Cristina’s presence and photographic gaze. She is beyond supportive — she makes you feel divine and beautiful during the actual shoot — even before you see the amazing photos! After a few difficult years for me, health-wise, where I was struggling with some anxiety issues, this photoshoot was better than therapy — it was a healing somatic experience in itself. I felt transformed by the day we had together! I think anyone who goes into a shoot with Cristina should do so with the intention to be fully present, to be free to be led by her into a version of you that you forgot about! And the photos were incredible, I wanted them all!! They connect me to the magic of that day every time I use them. Thank you so much, Cristina, for your vision, your love, your guidance, your gentle support & your beautiful work. You helped me find myself again after years of hiding. 🤍
– Moulsari Jain, Master Creative Facilitator, Social Innovation Artist


“I invite you to a personal session with me,
I’ll show you a side of you that doesn’t usually get to be seen.
I want you to be able to see the
beautiful, natural, confident woman in yourself.”

Cristina Stoian

Two payment options are available



Wardrobe Consultation
 Advise on what to wear and access to my extensive wardrobe to wear during your session
€300 value

Pre-Shoot Consultation 
To make your mood board, styling and set selections, look and feel decisions and ease the night-before-shoot nerves
€600 value

Hair and Makeup
Makeup and hairstyling for one; stylist stays on site for touchups throughout the entire shoot
€450 value

Embodiment Photoshoot
Be photographed in up to three separate custom-
made sets 
€1200 value

Access to my Atelier 
An artist residence indoor location that is our playground. A blank canvas for our imagination for the day. 
€600 value

10 Image Portfolio Collection
Handmade portfolio box with 10 prints sized at 20×30 (Same size digital version of each print is included)

€1800 value

Fine Art Wall Portrait
One enlargement 40×60 cm portrait matted, mounted, framed, and ready to be hung on your wall
€750 value

Behind the Scenes Video
Video slideshow featuring behind-the-scenes video footage and finished portraits
€1200 value




 Make it a Girl’s Day Out
Each Additional Woman/Girl (Includes wardrobe styling for two extra sets, an additional makeup artist on set, and an extra 10 image folio box)

Other Half Welcome
Celebrate your anniversary by being photographed together with your lover
(No extra charge)


My name is Cristina and I am a portrait photographer. I’ve learned through the years that photographing the lives and hearts of women runs so much deeper than just getting your picture taken. It’s an emotional experience, one that exposes vulnerabilities, but all the while empowers and uplifts. It’s an experience I want every women to have. One where she realises her beauty is unmistakable and the role that she plays in this world is both irreplaceable and imperative. My promise to you is that once you step in front of my camera, this will happen. And it’s an experience you won’t forget.

I look forward to seeing you in my studio.

Yours truly,

Madalina Botnar

Madalina Botnar

Controlling and Finance Audit / Siemens

"I was overwhelmed with the posing and smiling, but after a while I was really enjoying the fact to be in the spotlight."

Suzanne Ross

Suzanne Ross


"Everybody should do that to pamper yourself for one day. I had the pleasure to do it with 2 good friends and that was the best experience at all. To share these moments together and discussing the impressions we made back and forth was really great."

Olia Svarga

Olia Svarga

Linguistics Student

During my experience with Cristina, I was a bit shy in the beginning and felt quite insecure, but she created a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere so that I could just be myself without any artificial postures and facial expressions.

Dagmar Hopf

Dagmar Hopf

Business Coach / Sevenbirds

"I really enjoyed the day at your "studio" with getting styled and put into poses how I had never done before. So it was a very special experience of feeling beautiful and discovering new facettes of myself."

Ask me anything


  • How will I know how to pose?
    I will work with you and show you the poses that will work for you and your body. I will direct your poses and you don’t need to have any prior experience.
  • Do you retouch the images?
    Yes, all your images are retouched, spots and blemishes are removed unless stated otherwise.
  • When do I pick up my photos?
    15 days after your shoot there will be a face-to-face session at my studio, the “Reveal”, where you get to admire and order your printed and matted photos.
  • How long should I book before my shoot?
    I would recommend booking 2 weeks in advance

Schedule a Chat

Book a thirty-minute consultation call with Cristina Stoian to schedule your embodiment photo shoot and begin designing the style of your session. We’ll work out all the logistics of when, where, and what you need to know to have an amazing shoot.